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The Rocky Mountain Collegian has been CSU’s student-run newspaper for more than 120 years. Founded in 1891, the Collegian is the only student-run daily newspaper in the state. The Collegian is published in accordance with the CSU academic calendar. During fall and spring semesters, 6,500 copies are distributed to more than 85 locations throughout campus and 75 off-campus locations in Fort Collins. CSU students consistently rank the Collegian as their primary source of information. is the online component for Rocky Mountain Student Media. is updated with late-breaking news; video from CTV and live stream from KCSU 90.5FM.

College Avenue is a news and features publication focusing on issues related to CSU students and the Fort Collins community. Produced completely by students for students, it is published six times a year.

CSU Life is a monthly publication specifically for the 6,000 people who serve in faculty and staff positions at Colorado State University. Delivered directly to employees on campus, CSU Life features news for and about CSU employees.

Advertise Online is updated daily with current news and features, and content exclusive to the site. Unique to the site are blogs, chats, videos, KCSU 90.5 streaming, Ram Talk and news updates throughout the day.

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